Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Home Health Services and Private Duty Services (Home Nursing and Home Services)?
Both Home Health Services and Private Duty Services allow you to stay at home whether you are recovering from an illness or if you need additional help with everyday activities. However, Home Health and Home Nursing care must be ordered by a physician. Insurance and Medicare will pay for medically necessary Home Health Services as long as certain eligibility guidelines are met. Some insurance plans may cover home nursing care but most patients pay privately.

Home Services are usually available to anyone who needs or wants additional help in the home. Medicare, including most medical insurance policies, do not pay for non-medical care. Some long-term care policies pay for Home Services care but most patients pay privately.

Who is eligible for Home Health Services?
If you are 65 or older or disabled, covered under Medicare or Private insurance and meet certain requirements, you may be eligible to receive Home Health Services. You may be eligible for Home Health Services if you:

- Are unable to leave your home safely or without significant assistance
- Have been diagnosed with a new illness
- Had a recent change in medication or your medical condition
- Had a recent hospitalization
- Had a recent fall or feel you are at risk for a fall

Do I need to sign a contract before agreeing to Private Duty Services?
The State of Illinois requires that we provide a service agreement defining key contacts and contracting provisions to protect you as well as the Agency. However, we do not require that you sign a contract committing to a certain length of time. As part of our service agreement we ask for a two week deposit that is refundable upon your final invoice and after applying any outstanding balances.

Do you require a minimum amount of hours be scheduled to begin Private Duty Services?
Our programs are customized so that we can best meet your or a loved ones needs. Our experience is that most services needed require a minimum 4 hour shift. However, we are flexible and open to discussing how we can best meet your needs.

What payment options are available?
In many instances receiving care at home is more affordable that receiving care in an assisted living facility or nursing home. It can be an invaluable service as it helps you or a loved one remain independent at home. We know that finding high quality care from a provider you can trust can sometimes create a financial burden. That's why we offer a number payment options:

- Traditional Medicare
- Private medical or long-term care insurance
- Private pay (either through an individual or a family arrangement)

How do I pay for Private Duty services? Do I pay the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) or the Agency?
You pay the Agency. We retain the responsibility of employing your Nurse, CNA or PCA - we are not a placement agency. This provides you with added protections because we:

- Provide for overall supervision and management to ensure our employees are delivering care in accordance with the care plan and our policies and procedures
- Verify background check as well as certification and licensure requirements
- Pay appropriate employment taxes, unemployment insurance, social security taxes
- Hold worker's compensation coverage

What certifications/qualifications do Pearl Health Care Services, Inc. professionals have?
We fully screen and interview each applicant. In addition, we ensure each employee is:

- CPR Certified
- Licensed and/or certified in their respective profession
- Screened with complete background checks, drug tests and or credit checks
- Insured and bonded

Upon hiring, we provide an orientation for the employee to communicate our mission and approach to providing high quality care to each and every one of our patients. We also ensure our professionals are trained annually according to their profession's and state requirements.

How does Pearl Health Care Services, Inc. work with patients/clients to determine the care and/or services that would best meet our needs?
A member of our staff will come to your home to make a free in-home assessment and to discuss your concerns with you. Once we understand your needs, if you require Home Health Care or Home Nursing Services we will work with you and your physician to finalize your care plan and obtain orders to begin your care. If you need Home Services assistance we will develop a service agreement and plan to best meet your needs and present it to you for review. Once you approve the plan, we begin providing care as soon as possible.

To learn more information or to determine if you are eligible for services, please contact us at (630) 949-8301 or at

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